'We're all born naked and the rest is Drag. I'll say it again, it's never been the clothes that make the man' 

- Rupaul, 2014

‘£1 Fish’ is a durational installation exploring Connor's own mental health journey, self medication, and how Drag has helped him through his issues surrounding gender and identity by being an escape from reality. He angrily crushes paracetamol until it’s dust, as many stories are told by Drag performers and Drag lovers about their own struggles as well as his own. And of course no Drag performance is complete without our Lord and Saviour RuPaul Andre Charles making a cameo.

Technical Information

Current Length: Can be peformed for any amount of time between 30 minutes to 3 hours Staging: Sutible for exibition/gallery type spaces. Required Equpiment: A table. All other equipment, techincal or otherwise is provided by performer. Risks: Ue of high amounts of real paracemtol tablets. Recommened for mature audiences.


Performer/Creator: Connor Coxx Sound Mixing: Connor Coxx Music: Born Naked - Rupaul Audio Clips: Various drag queens, all taken from YouTube Photography: David Doust