Connor Coxx Orig(anal) Sin Drag Queen Performance at The Spire, Brighton

Connor is a transgender performance artist aiming to make durational work that challenges relationships between groups he has history with or is still a proud member of . These include the queer community, the church, masculinity, with a focus on mental health. Using humour, he hopes to break down taboos present in all these worlds and how they intertwine, with the distant and utopian possibility that everyone can finally just get along!

Connor's work stems from a love of durational, physical excursion techniques and a need to push his body to it's limits, inspired by other queer artist such as Cassils and Ira Brand. His vision being wanting to bring more Live Art types of theatre to a wider audience by placing them into more traditional hour long pieces to share his love of this type of theatre to as many people a possible.

Connor studied Theatre at The University of Chichester, graduating in 2019, which is where he created and developed most of his performance projects. Due to the current...situation of the world Connor decided there was no better time to go back to study for a masters degree to expand on his research ideas and techniques, focusing on queer and gender theory.

Connor's love for theatre does not stop at devising and live performance. He also has a passion for make up artistry, designing many look for his own and other's work, which you can check out on the Make Up Gallery page.