We like to drink with Connor, cause Connor is our mate! And when we drink with Connor he down it all in

8, 7, 6, 5....wheyyyy! 

Alcoholics Unanimous is a durantional performance exploring the rise of binge drinking during lockdown. Did you know  binge drinking at home increases by 5% every extra week we're in lockdown? And 60% of those who already engaged in binge drinking, started drinking more in lockdown, particularly those suffering with depression? A large side effect of lockdown is stress and boredom which have already been linked to binge drinking, so obviously a big priority for the Government is opening pubs...BRING ON 21ST JUNE!

Connor attempts to down beers throughout this performance, despite the immediate physical effects on his body, and tries to keep up with the high amounts of energy and physicality go the piece. So crack open a warm one and party the fuck your bedroom which you haven't left for days!