Oi oi, saveloy! Are you ready to get so fucking smashed you can't remember why you even started drinking?


‘Social Suicide’ is a performance Connor wrote and directed exploring the ideas of toxic masculinity within lad culture, loosely based on the little known film Better Off Dead (1985) directed by Savage Steve Holland (defiantly worth a watch). However, instead of focusing on it’s effect on the women around them, it focuses on the men keeping up this facade and how those included can be affected negatively. The piece is a loose narrative, following the events of four lads having a social before eventually going out clubbing, one of which is a newcomer to the group desperately trying to fit in. So stop being a fucking pussy and join them for an evening of non stop dancing, rituals, and sexually aggressive jokes while trying to forget about all your real life problems.

Assistant Director: Kayleigh Hunt

Cast: Ellie Fitter, Victoria Mazeris, Shannon Noble, Arnie Petty


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